ConnectiCOSH Mission Statement

The Connecticut Council on Occupational Safety and Health Inc. ( ConnectiCOSH) is an organization of labor, community health and legal people working together to improve health, safety, and environmental conditions at work sites and in our communities. 
The focus of our organization shall fall into two broad categories: ( 1 ) Educational, medical, technical, and legal support to labor unions and other groups of workers fighting for better workplace conditions, and ( 2)  Workimg to unite workers, concerned professionals, and concerned community groups to organize political action for the purpose of reducing hazardous conditions in our workplaces and our communities.

Our Current Projects

New Website to locate Safer Alternatives for Chemicals in the Workplace



Why do we need ChemHAT

ChemHAT, the Chemical Hazard and Alternatives Toolbox, is a new internet database designed to offer up easy to use information that we can use to protect ourselves, our families and our co-workers against the harm that chemicals can cause.  You can link to ChemHat from our links menu.


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