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At ConnectiCOSH, we provide training on a large variety of workplace safety topics. If you would like to help inform your workplace on proper health and safety information, please contact Pamela Puchalski at or Mike Fitts at

All of the topics mentioned below are health or safety-related and can be offered for free to member organizations. In some cases, grant funding has been provided to give free training for various organizations. Call for details to see if your organization qualifies.

ConnectiCOSH Health Technical Training Topics include but are not limited to the following (these topics are one to two hours in length):

If there is a topic that is not listed below, feel free to contact us and we can develop what you need.

OSHA-Workers’ Rights: This workshop will introduce OSHA, its Standards, employer responsibilities for providing a safe and healthy workplace, and worker rights.  A portion of the training will include an overview of the anti-retaliation provisions of Section 11(c) of the OSH Act including employee rights, and employer responsibilities.

Personal Protective Equipment:  In this workshop, trainees will receive an overview of what types of Personal Protective Equipment may be utilized in a workplace and how to identify what PPE is most appropriate for certain jobs.  The PPE addressed will focus on the type of work that participants do

Infectious Disease:  This workshop will offer an awareness-level overview of how workers can protect themselves from on-the-job exposure to infectious diseases.  Its agenda will include how to look at the risks in your workplace and assess how to deal with those risks.

Heat Stress:  This training module focuses on the risks workers face when dealing with high temperatures at or in a workplace.  Trainees will learn about heat stress and the effects it has on the human body and will learn how to prevent experiencing the effects of heat stress in the workplace.

Safe Cleaning and Disinfecting:  Infectious diseases can be a workplace hazard.  In this workshop, trainees will learn how to identify infectious disease hazards in the workplace, mitigate those hazards with various procedures, and stay safe when using various cleaning disinfectants and sanitizers.

Hazard Communication (HazCom):  Trainees will learn about the different chemical hazards (flammable, corrosive, reactive and toxic), how to identify and protect themselves from these in the work place, and employer’s responsibilities per the OSHA Hazard Communication standard [training, labelling and access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS)].  The training will also train employees on how to read a SDS and use the information to protect themselves and their colleagues. 

Chemical Hazards/Exposure Limits/Using the NIOSH Pocket Guide:  Trainees will receive an overview of different types of chemical hazards and exposure limits.  They will also be instructed on how to use the NIOSH Pocket Guide on hazardous chemicals so that they will be able to look up the hazards and limits. 

Chemical Protective Clothing:  In this workshop trainees will receive an overview of what types of chemical protective clothing may be utilized in a workplace as well as how to identify what chemical protective clothing is specifically needed for each job.

Risk Mapping:  Workplace hazards are not always immediately obvious to workers, but in this workshop, trainees will be taught how to make a risk map of any workplace and use it to identify hazards in the workplace. 

Respiratory Protection:  An overview of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard will be offered in this workshop.  This information will enable workers to ensure that their employers are providing the appropriate respirator for whatever job they have been assigned.

Worker’s Compensation:  In the event of being injured on the job, workers must follow certain procedures to ensure that they will receive workers’ compensation benefits.  This workshop will offer information concerning the injured worker’ rights and responsibilities in the event of being injured on the job.

Team Building:  This interactive workshop will improve communication skills and their ability to function as team members on the job using effective and fun small group activities.

Reducing Stress in the Workplace:  This workshop will explore and review the various sources of physical and occupational stress in the workplace.  In addition, participants will review methods to reduce the sources of occupational stress.

Through ConnectiCOSH’s partnership with The New England Consortium(TNEC), ConnectiCOSH trains several hundred workers yearly on 40 Hour HAZWOPER, 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher, 24 Hour Emergency Responder, 8 Hour Emergency Responder Refresher, Incident Command, Confined Space, Workzone Safety, and OSHA 10 Hour Construction. OSHA requires certification in some topics mentioned above in order for workers to be employed in certain job settings. We work with The New England Consortium to provide these trainings for a fee.