Board of Directors Profile

John Hanusovsky

Advisory Board Member
John has been a Union Health and Safety Representative at Pratt and Whitney since 1991 and became a Chief Health and Safety Rep in 2014. Employed in 1986, as a Tool, Die and Gage Maker at Pratt and Whitney, John first became a Union Steward so that he could help give voice to those who couldn’t speak up for themselves. While focused on the injustices faced by the working class from corporations, he embraced learning about health and safety and found more fulfillment in ensuring the health and safety of his coworkers. His philosophy on the importance protecting his coworkers has evolved through his years with IAM LL 1746. For John Hanusovsky, the best way to honor those in union history who fought to protect employees in the workplace is by paying it forward and serving the membership to the best of his ability.
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